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Find Now Best Sellers India 2020

Best Car Health Monitoring India 2020

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    Product Details

    Best Car Health Monitoring India 2020

    AutoWiz OBD GPS device is considered to be one of theBest Car Health Monitoring India 2020, and is a simple and powerful connected car solution for your car. Its much more than a conventional GPS Tracker and ideal for both personal car owners and businesses. AutoWiz OBD device is a plug and play device which connects to the OBD port of the car.Typically cars manufactured post 2008 have the OBD port within them.

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    Product Features
    • Real Time car location tracking on your mobile using AutoWiz App
    • See detailed path of moving car and current car speed
    • View detailed trip report for current and historical trips
    • Get notified when vehicle reaches or leaves a place
    • Allow friends and contacts to track car temporarily on need basis
    • Get notified in case of car health issue including low battery
    • High coolant temperature and engine trouble code
    • Set up alarm that notifies you in case your car is started or towed
    • Get account of over-speeding, engine idling, sudden acceleration
    • Track mileage and idling time for each trip and get insights to save fuel
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    More Information

    Also compatible with Trucks, Buses with J1939 OBDII. The OBD port is a 16 pin port and is usually located above pedal and underneath dashboard. Use AutoWiz OBD GPS App (available on Android and iOS) on your mobile to remotely see your car location and condition information in real time. The device sends car location, car condition and driving data to AutoWiz server using the 2G SIM card (provided with the device). So let us read more about Best Car Health Monitoring India 2020.

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